Weapon Augment Drop Table


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Table Data was last modified at 2017-11-01 18:58:45 by Bukethead.

Weapon Augment Mod Chart

Steel MeridianArbiters of HexisCephalon SudaThe Perrin SequenceRed VeilNew LokaThe IndexKela De Thaym
SobekJaw SwordSupraGrinlokEmbolistSkana(Secura) PentaAck & Brunt
HekBurston PrimeKestrelSpectra(Rakta) Dark DaggerVulkar (Wraith)Flux RifleJat Kittag
(Prisma) Dual CleaversViperBoltoAcridMireFuris(Mara) DetronSobek
MiterSilva & Aegis (Prime)(Prisma) ObexLanka(MK1) KunaiPantheraProva (Vandal)Twin Basolk
(Prisma) TetraOgris
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