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WarframeLocation or MissionBoss/Enemy
AtlasThe Jordas Precept and Jordas Golem Archwing Assassination - ErisJordas Golem
BansheeTenno Lab, DojoNone
ChromaThe New StrangeNone
EmberTethys, SaturnGeneral Sargas Ruk
EquinoxMain BP: Market

Component/Aspect BPs: Titania, Uranus

Tyl Regor
ExcaliburHades, Pluto or purchase from Teshin for 60k rep, req. Typhoon rank in ConclaveAmbulas
FrostExta, CeresLieutenant Lech Kril
GaraMain BP:Saya's Vigil Component BPs: level 5-40 Bounties on the Plains of EidolonNone
HarrowMain BP: Chains of Harrow

Chassis BP: Corrupted enemies in Void Fissures

Systems BP: Rotation C of Defection

Neuroptics BP: Rotation C of Kuva Fortress Spy (Pago)
HydroidOro, EarthCouncilor Vay Hek
Inaros Sands of InarosNone
IvaraSpy Missions, three successful data extractions on missions requiredNone
LimboLimbo TheoremNone
LokiPsamathe, NeptuneHyena Pack
MagIliad, Phobos, or purchase from Teshin for 60k rep, req. Typhoon rank in ConclaveThe Sergeant
MesaMutalist Alad V Assassinate KeyMutalist Alad V
MirageHidden MessagesNone
NekrosOrokin Derelict AssassinationLephantis
NezhaTenno Lab, DojoNone
NidusMain BP: The Glast Gambit

Component BPs: rotation C, Infested Salvage mission, Oestrus, Eris
NovaNaamah, EuropaRaptor
NyxInfestation OutbreakPhorid
OctaviaMain BP: Octavia's Anthem

Chassis BP: choral musical note memory puzzle on Lua

Systems BP: Rotation A Lua Crossfire (Plato) caches

Neuroptics BP: Rotation C of Orokin Derelict Survival
RhinoFossa, VenusJackal
SarynMerrow, SednaKela De Thaym
TitaniaThe Silver GroveNone
TrinityExta, CeresCaptain Vor and Lieutenant Lech Kril
ValkyrThemisto, JupiterAlad V
VaubanAlert Missions and Login RewardsNone
VoltTenno Lab, Dojo, or or purchase from Teshin for 60k rep, req. Typhoon rank in ConclaveNone
WukongTenno Lab, DojoNone
ZephyrTenno Lab, DojoNone

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