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Prime Vault was last modified at 2017-10-31 13:45:47 by Bukethead.

ItemDate VaultedItem Type
Ash Prime05/30/2017Warframe
Ember Prime10/06/2015Warframe
Frost Prime03/24/2015Warframe
Loki Prime05/17/2016Warframe
Mag Prime07/07/2015Warframe
Nova Prime11/22/2016Warframe
Nyx Prime08/23/2016Warframe
Rhino Prime02/16/2016Warframe
Trinity Prime08/29/2017Warframe
Volt Prime02/28/2017Warframe
Ankyros Prime02/16/2016Weapon (Melee)
Bo Prime05/17/2016Weapon (Melee)
Boar Prime07/07/2015Weapon (Primary)
Boltor Prime02/16/2016Weapon (Primary)
Dakra Prime07/07/2015Weapon (Melee)
Dual Kamas Prime08/29/2017Weapon (Melee)
Glaive Prime10/06/2015Weapon (Melee)
Hikou Prime08/23/2016Weapon (Secondary)
Latron Prime03/24/2015Weapon (Primary)
Reaper Prime03/24/2015Weapon (Melee)
Scindo Prime08/23/2016Weapon (Melee)
Sicarus Prime10/06/2015Weapon (Secondary)
Soma Prime11/22/2016Weapon (Primary)
Vasto Prime11/22/2016Weapon (Secondary)
Vectis Prime05/30/2017Weapon (Primary)
Carrier Prime05/30/2017Sentinel
Wyrm Prime05/17/2016Sentinel
Odonata Prime02/28/2017Archwing
Kavasa Prime Kubrow Collar08/29/2017Appearance Item

Vaulted Void Relics were last modified at 2017-10-31 13:41:24 by Bukethead.

Vaulted Void Relics

Lith A1Meso B1Neo A1Axi A1
Lith B1Meso C1Neo B1Axi A2
Lith C1Meso C2Neo B3Axi B1
Lith F1Meso D1Neo D1Axi C1
Lith F2Meso F1Neo N1Axi C2
Lith G1Meso F2Neo N2Axi E1
Lith K1Meso M1Neo N3Axi G1
Lith M1Meso N1Neo N4Axi H1
Lith N1Meso N2Neo N5Axi H2
Lith N2Meso N3Neo N6Axi K1
Lith S1Meso S1Neo N7Axi N1
Lith S2Meso S3Neo S1Axi N2
Lith S3Meso S4Neo S2Axi N3
Lith S4Meso V1Neo S3Axi R1
Lith S5Meso V2Neo S5Axi S1
Lith S6Meso V3Neo S6Axi T1
Lith V1Meso V4Neo T1Axi V1
Neo V1Axi V2
Neo V3Axi V3
Neo V4Axi V4
Axi V5
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