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ItemRankReputation Cost
Awakening Sigil (+5%)Mistral5,000
Perception Sigil (+5%)Mistral6,000
Awareness Sigil (+5%)Mistral8,000
Revelation Sigil (+8%)Mistral10,000
Night StalkerMistral15,000
Apex PredatorMistral15,000
Bounty HunterMistral15,000
Reflex DrawMistral15,000
Soft HandsMistral15,000
Overcharge DetectorsMistral15,000
Meteor MunitionsMistral15,000
Impaler MunitionsMistral15,000
Razor MunitionsMistral15,000
Comet RoundsMistral15,000
Ripper RoundsMistral15,000
Serrated RoundsMistral15,000
Crash ShotMistral15,000
Shred ShotMistral15,000
Flak ShotMistral15,000
Serrated EdgesMistral15,000
Sharpened BladeMistral15,000
Spry SightsMistral15,000
Agile AimMistral15,000
Snap ShotMistral15,000
Air ReconMistral15,000
Broad EyeMistral15,000
Vigilance Sigil (+8%)Whirlwind12,000
Prudence SigilWhirlwind14,000
Discretion Sigil (+11%)Whirlwind15,000
Eject MagazineWhirlwind15,000
Tactical ReloadWhirlwind15,000
Lock and LoadWhirlwind15,000
Relentless AssaultWhirlwind15,000
Explosive DemiseWhirlwind15,000
Surplus DivertersWhirlwind15,000
Gun GlideWhirlwind15,000
Double-Barrel DriftWhirlwind15,000
Strafing SlideWhirlwind15,000
Martial MagnetismWhirlwind15,000
Relentless AssaultWhirlwind15,000
Impenetrable DefenseWhirlwind15,000
Lie in WaitWhirlwind15,000
Ambition Sigil (+13%)Tempest13,000
Volition Sigil (+13%)Tempest14,000
Freedom Sigil (+15%)Tempest15,000
Purging SlashTempest25,000
Signal FlareTempest25,000
Ice Wave ImpedanceTempest25,000
Sapping ReachTempest25,000
Shield OverloadTempest25,000
Iron ShrapnelTempest25,000
Kinetic CollisionTempest25,000
Recharge BarrierTempest25,000
Hysterical FixationTempest25,000
Purifying FlamesTempest25,000
Defiled ReckoningTempest25,000
Tear GasTempest25,000
Calculated VictoryHurricane25,000
Stand GroundHurricane25,000
Vanquished PreyHurricane25,000
Momentary PauseHurricane25,000
Prize KillHurricane25,000
Follow ThroughHurricane25,000
Quick ChargeHurricane25,000
Spring-Loaded BroadhandHurricane30,000
Enlightenment Sigil (+15%)Hurricane15,000
Discovery Sigil (+15%)Hurricane15,000
Accord Sigil (+15%)Hurricane15,000

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