Cephalon Simaris Rewards


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25x Synthesis Scanner5,000 Credits
5x Kinetic Siphon Trap5,000 Credits
Cephalon Simaris Sigil25,000 Reputation
Madurai Transmute Core10,000 Reputation
Vazarin Transmute Core10,000 Reputation
Naramon Transmute Core10,000 Reputation
Cross-Matrix Widget50,000 Reputation
Sol-Battery Widget50,000 Reputation
Vector-Thread Widget50,000 Reputation
Detect Vulnerability75,000 Reputation
Energy Conversion100,000 Reputation
Health Conversion100,000 Reputation
Looter75,000 Reputation
Astral Autopsy100,000 Reputation
Simulacrum Access Key50,000 Reputation
Simaris Helios Skin100,000 Reputation
Simulor Blueprint75,000 Reputation
Heliocor Blueprint75,000 Reputation
Exilus Adapter Blueprint50,000 Reputation
Color Key Scene100,000 Reputation

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