Archwing Drop Table

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Rotation Legend

Survival Drop Rotation

Rotation A: 5, 10, 25, 30, 45, 50 minutes; etc.

Rotation B: 15, 35, 55 minutes; etc.

Rotation C: 20, 40, 60 minutes; etc.

Defense Drop Rotation

Rotation A: Wave 5, 10, 25, 30; etc.

Rotation B: Wave 15, 35; etc.

Rotation C: Wave 20, 40; etc.

Interception Drop Rotation

Rotation A: Wave 1, 2, 5, 6; etc.

Rotation B: Wave 3, 7; etc.

Rotation C: Wave 4, 8; etc.

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Mission TypeLocationDrops
Grineer Mobile DefenseEarth, ErpoOnorix Handle
Grineer Mobile DefenseEarth, ErpoVelocitus Receiver
Grineer Mobile DefenseEarth, ErpoKaszas Handle
Grineer Mobile DefenseEarth, ErpoPhaedra Barrel
Grineer Mobile DefenseEarth, ErpoDual Decurion Receiver
Grineer InterceptionUranus, CaelusElytron Harness
Grineer InterceptionUranus, CaelusElytron Systems
Grineer InterceptionUranus, CaelusElytron Wings
Grineer InterceptionUranus, CaelusFluctus Stock
Grineer InterceptionUranus, CaelusCentaur Blade
Grineer InterceptionUranus, CaelusFluctus Limbs
Grineer InterceptionUranus, CaelusCorvas Receiver
Grineer ExterminateMercury, CaduceusTBD
Grineer ExterminateSaturn, PandoraTBD
Corpus SabotageJupiter, GalileaDual Decurion Barrel
Corpus SabotageJupiter, GalileaRathbone Head
Corpus SabotageJupiter, GalileaRathbone Handle
Corpus SabotageJupiter, GalileaFluctus Barrel
Corpus SabotageJupiter, GalileaCentaur Aegis
Corpus Mobile DefenseMars, SyrtisDual Decurion Reciever
Corpus Mobile DefenseMars, SyrtisKaszas Handle
Corpus Mobile DefenseMars, SyrtisPhaedra Barrel
Corpus Mobile DefenseMars, SyrtisVelocitus Receiver
Corpus Mobile DefenseMars, SyrtisOnorix Handle
Corpus ExterminateVenus, MontesVelocitus Barrel
Corpus ExterminateVenus, MontesPhaedra Receiver
Corpus ExterminateVenus, MontesVelocitus Stock
Corpus DefenseNeptune, SalaciaPhaedra Stock
Corpus DefenseNeptune, SalaciaKaszas Blade
Corpus DefenseNeptune, SalaciaCorvas Barrel
Corpus DefenseNeptune, SalaciaCorvas Stock
Corpus DefenseNeptune, SalaciaOnorix Blade

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